Student’s Association EESA(Electrical Engineering Students Association)

Objectives of Electrical Engineering Students Association

Objectives of Electrical Engineering Students Association

  1. To advance the education and social development of its members and students of the college as a whole.
  2. To represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealing with the college and society.
  3. To promote and protect the welfare of its members and students.
  4. To promote, encourage and co-ordinate student clubs, societies, sports and social activities.

Outcomes of EESA

  1. Exposure to recent trends in Electrical Engineering.
  2. Exposure to coverage of content beyond syllabus.
  3. Improvement in technical, aptitude, presentation, leadership, management skills of students.
  4. Helps in Placement Activity.
Activities held under EESA
Sr.No. Activity held Total Count
1 Workshop 10+
2 Seminar 15+
3 Industrial visit 20
4 Social Activity 05
4 Other 10+
Total 50+

Inauguration of EESA by Mr. Narendra Kashyap, CEO, L & T Switchgear Training center:


To inspire college youth to reach their full potential in pursuing knowledge related to Electric Vehicles by providing them access to h a n d s o n activities, enthusiastic mentorship, and a supportive environment
To promote the widespread use of e-mobility in transportation sector and doing innovations in Electric Vehicle design and manufacturing process.

About us

The Electric Vehicles club serves as a place of community for students to discuss, learn about, and working on projects related to Electric Vehicles. Members of the Electric Vehicles club are offered with a range of programs and activities such as seminars, workshops, short courses, certifications, hackathon, project competitions and exposition. The club is supported by both internal and external experts who assist the students in strategizing and organizing activities that will help them knowledge and skills in Electric Vehicles.


  • World is experiencing a substantial shift to e-mobility. EV-Club aims to help support this transition to transportation electrification.
  • Instigating technical and technological improvements to optimize existing products to fulfill market requirements
  • To gain knowledge about EV and help to solve advanced technological problems.
  • Organizing workshop, Expert discussions to create keen interest among students through various innovative practices.
  • Collaboration with Industry experts for industry awareness & future research.