Student’s Association


  1. To organize the social, cultural and educational programs for the FE students of the College.
  2. To eliminate the fear from the minds of the students by organizing different cultural activities for the FE students.
  3. To encourage every student to disclose his/her ideas into the target language by conducting different activities.
  4. To organize different technical and non technical guest/expert lectures for the betterment of FE students.


  1. Able to develop their event management skills, leadership skills and other qualities required for their overall growth.
  2. Able to develop them with current technologies or current affairs through the guest/expert lectures.
  3. The basic foundation of students is developed by the various activities conducted under FESA.

Recursion 2.0 Coding Competition

Recursion 2.0 a coding competition was held on 27th May 2023 Saturday for the first-year CS, IT, and CSBS students. Three Student coordinators of first-year CS & CSBS students organized this event. Total 75 teams (150 participants) participated in this event. A Inauguration ceremony was held where Dr. N.S.Mujumdar, Dr. Prashant Kumbharkar ,Dr. Sangave Sir, Dr. S.M.Yadav Madam, Dr. P.A.Tomar madam ,Prof. V.V.Chitragar, Prof. Pushpa Ambhore , Dr. Bhagyashree Deshpande were present. Honourable Dr. Kumbharkar sir, HOD of Computer Department inaugurated the event. He told us importance of extracurricular activities and other activities besides studies. Senior faculties appreciated the initiative and then the rules and further instructions of the event were given. Recursion.2.0 was conducted in 3 rounds:
1) Binary Brainzz
2) Escape the Matrix
3) Coding Arena
Winner and Runner-up team received cash prizes..

Marathon at Lonavala

The Sankalp Nashamukti Marathon was arranged in Lonavala on 4 June 2023.Total 135 students participated in Marathon. This marathon was conducted by Pune Gramin Police. College arranged total four buses for easy travel of students. Because of these buses students reached early to the location. The main guest of this Marathon was Mr. Sunil Shetty sir. He gave students and other people some important quotes for their future. With the Marathon Zumba and many other activities are conducted for people joy. Then Marathon went in proper way with guidance of Police officers. After Marathon, for all people Pune Police arranged snacks, energy drinks and water. They were also giving goodies and Certificates for participating candidates. We are thankful to Pune Gramin Police and all faculty coordinators for their kind support towards students and to make their day memorable. Also thank you to Principal Dr.R.K. Jain sir, Vice Principal Dr. Devasthali sir and H.O.D. Dr.S.M. Yadav .

Techno-Geek 2K23

It was a one Day Event , Technical Quiz on C, Python, Computer Fundamentals and Aptitude .

MESH BOT 2023-24

Technical Event Under INNOVISION 2023 .

FESA 2021-22

FESA is cultural program coordinated by all 14 divisions CR,LR & CULTURAL COORDINATORS. It is arranged every year for the students of FE only.

A cultural program was organized by First year Engineering Students Association (FESA) was held on 30th April,2022 at auditorium hall. It was a marvelous program due to various sort of performances. The program was conducted in 2 slots ; first from 9:30am to 12:00 pm and second 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

The program was presided over by vice principle Prof. A.S.Devasthali, HOD Dr. Mrs. S.M.Yadav, Dr. N.S.Mujumdar Sir and many other guests. All the faculty members were also present along with all the students of 14 divisions. The program was started by deeprajwalan. All dignitaries enlightened the lamps and saraswati prayer was sung in melodious voice.

Then the names of GS, CO-GS and TRASURER were announced by Mrs. Monika Mane madam . The post of GS was handed over to Mr. Shriniwas Kalwande while post of CO-GS handed over to Miss. Gayatri Mane , both from Div. D -Mechanical and Mr. Kaivalya Ruplag was selected as a Tresurer from division F for the academic year 2021-2022.

After hand over ceremony cultural programs were performed by students . Initially there was fabulous welcome dance. A live Music performance was done by the Rangbhumi. Also there was a fantastic dance performance by Hip-Hoppers. There were many performances of singing and dancing. The program was cocluded by the vote of thanks. Mrs. Monika Mane madam headed the event along Mrs. Meghna Patankar, Mrs. Shriya Jadhav, Ms. Pankaja Kopulkar and Mrs. Gauri Dongre. The FESA 2K22 was indeed a great cultural event .

Members of FESA 2021-2022

  1. Faculty Coordinators : Ms. Monika Mane ,Ms. Meghana Pathankar
  2. General Secretary (GS) : Mr. Kalbande Shrinivas (Dept.Mechanical Division : D )
  3. Co General Secretary (Co GS) : Ms. Mane Gatyatri (Dept.Mechanical Division : D )
  4. Treasurer : Mr. Kaygala Ruplag (Dept.Mechanical Division : F )