Department of Electrical Engineering

Department Of Electrical Engineering


To create educational environment to understand worldwide Electrical energy scenario and develop globally competent Electrical engineers with high human values to satisfy future energy demand through sate of art technical knowledge and innovative approach.


To entrust the students with fundamentals and advances Electrical Engineering for successful carrier.
To prepare an graduate engineer aspirant who is able to satisfy nation electrical energy demand through maximum use on nonconventional energy by the use of advance techniques.
To encourage and enable students for higher education, research and entrepreneurship.

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From the HOD's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming, on behalf of the Department of Electrical Engineering at JSPMs Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, Pune. The Department of Electrical Engineering has newly started from academic year 2017-18 with intake of 60 students. The Department has team of well qualified and experienced 11 faculty members and well qualified non-teaching staff. In department, development of 9 state of art, well equipped laboratories with excellent computational facilities is in process and will be completed at the end of academic year 2017-18. Department has proposed world class software like MATLAB, Simu-link, PSCAD, ETAP, MULTISIM, PSIM, Proteus and Lab view for curriculum learning, self learning and learning beyond the syllabus.

Dr. S. L. Chavan

Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

Mr Sudarshan L Chavan

Associate Professor
ME (Electrical) Ph D Persuing

Mrs Manjusha A. Kanawade

Assistant Professor
M.E.Electrical (Power System)

Mrs Anuradha A Ghotekar

Assistant Professor
ME Electrical (Control System)

Mrs Gauri S Renapurkar

Assistant Professor
M.E. Electrical machines & Drives

Mr Vishal V Vashikar

Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Electrical Power System) Ph.D. pursuing

Ms Sayara Tamboli

Assistant Professor
M. Tech (Electrical Power System)

Mr Vikram S Sathe

Assistant Professor
M. Tech in Electrical Power System

Mr Atuldev A. Tripathi

Assistant Professor
M.E.Electrical (Power System)

Mr Kushal Lodha

Assistant Professor
M.E.Electrical (Power System)

Mrs Ashwini S.Baviskar

Assistant Professor
ME Electrical (Control System)

Dr. Mrs Trupti Prasanna Hinge

Associate Professor
Ph. D. Electrical Engineering

About Laboratories


Visit to Accurate Measurement

31 students of Electrical Engineering, visited Accurate Measurement and control pvt. Ltd. At Shivane on dated 27/07/2018 under the supervision of Mrs. M. A. Kanawade, Mr. A. A. Tripathi, Mrs. P. A. Chavan and Mr. S.C. Labade. Sr. Engineer Mr. Yogesh Patil appointed his two colleagues Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Deepak for guiding the students about the equipment and their processes. The students have seen Generators and Alternator set, control panel for automated and manual operation serving at both general and defense sectors. Students also benefitted by the valuable information of same. Both members guided our student very well .The student were very excited to see the equipment and their process and given the excellent feedback.

Guest Lecture on Nanotechnology

Guest Lecture on Nanotechnology by Dr. S G Kandalkar was organized for SE Electrical Students under the Subject Material Science

Industrial Visit to Bharghar Hydro Power Station

Industrial Visit to Bharghar Hydro Power Station on 3rdsept was conducted with SE electrical students. Toatl 66 students and 5 faculties attended the visit. Generating capacity of Bhatghar Power Station is 16MW, which uses Kaplan type of turbine. Design head of Dam is 32m while its maximum capacity is 45m.

Industrial Visit to Madhav Capacitors Pvt Ltd

Industrial Visit to Madhav Capacitors Pvt Ltd , Bhosari Pune was conducted under Subject Material Science for SE Electrical Students. Manufacturing and Testing of Power Capacitors through various departments was studied by students during this.

Expert Lecture on Testing of Materials as per IS by Dr. Mangal H Dhend for SE Electrical

AnExpert Lecture on Testing of Materials as per IS based on Unit 6 of subject Material Science was conducted by Dr. Mrs.Mangal H Dhend, Asst Prof AISSMS, Pune. Various methods of testing Solid, Liquid and gaseous insulating materials as per IS Standards were explained to students in details through interacitve session.

Expert Lecture on Power Generation Technologies

An Expert Lecture on Power Generation Technologies  was conducted by Dr. V A Kulkarni, HOD of Electrical Department D Y Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri Pune. Various Generation technologies, their effect on environment, optimization were explained to students through interactive session.

EESA Inauguration

Electrical Engineering Students Association EESA inaugurated today with the hands of Mr. Narendra Kashyap , Assistant Manager , L&T Pune. Mr. Kashyap also guided students about applications of various safety and switching devices.

Mini Project competition

Project competition was also organized to motivate students for making mini projects at second year level.

Expert Lecture on Analog and Digital Electronics (ADE)

An Expert Lecture on ADE: chanllenges and future scope was conducted by Prof. V.S.Ponkshe, Subject Expert of ADE, SPPU, Asst Prof at AISSM's, COE, Pune .

Expert Lecture on Electrical Measurements and Instrumentataion (EMI)

An Expert Lecture on EMI to guide students for preparation of External Practical Examination and theory examination   was conducted by Prof. S.M.Chaudhary, Subject Chairman of EMI, SPPU, Asst Prof at AISSM's, IOIT, Pune .

Expert Lecture on Material Science (MS)

An Expert Lecture on Material Scienec to guide students to face External Oral Examination and theory examination   was conducted by Prof. Mrs G M Karve, Subject Chairman of MS , SPPU, Asst Prof at PVG, COET, Pune .

Innovision Inaugeration and Solar Exhibition

Sudoku Competition

The world famous brain game SUDOKU was organized for engineering students wherein three rounds of levels , Easy, Medium and Hard were condcuted and Two winners are declared.

Circuit Making Competition

1. Each team consist of maximum 2 participants
2. Event consists of two rounds.
Round 1 – This round was consisting on multiple choice based quiz. There were questions based on basic technical knowledge of Electrical and Electronics concepts.
Round 2 – In this round individual selected teams need to implement the given circuit in the given time. The circuit diagram and components were provided by organizers.

Traditional Day Celebration

Gandharva 2019 was celebrated in which Traditional Day was conducted. All students and faculties attended the event with Indian Tradtional attiers

Student Achivements

Research and Publication

Summary of Research and Publication

Sr.No. Name 2017 -18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
1 Prof. Sudarshan L Chavan "National Conf =01 International Conf-03 International Journal-07 Patent filed and published=02" "International Journal =03 Patent filed and published=01" "International Journal =02 International Conf-02 " "International Journal=02 International Conf-02" "International Journal =02 "
2 Prof. Manjusha A. Kanawade --- National Conf = 01
3 Prof.Anuradha A Ghotekar Patent filed=01 -- --- --- ---
4 Prof.Gauri S Renapurkar Patent filed =01 -- --- --- ---
5 Prof.Vishal V Vashikar National Conf -01 International Conf =02
6 Prof.SayaraTamboli "International Conf =01 International Journal -01"
7 Prof.Vikram S Sathe International Jour =01
8 Prof.Atuldev A. Tripathi International Journal -01 " "
9 Prof. Kushal Lodha International Journal=01 "International Conf-01 " "International Journal=01 National Conf =01 "
10 Prof.Ashwini S.Baviskar International Conference=05 International Journal -01 International Journal -05 - -
11 Dr Mrs Trupti Hinge "International Conf-01 International Journal-01 " "International Conf-04 National Conference -01 " "International Conf-01 International Journal-01 "

Student's Association

EESA(Electrical Engineering Students Association)

Electrical engineering students association, it's an organization of students for not only progress in their academic skills but also in various other co-curricular skils.

1. Overall development of students. 
2. Industrial visits. 
3. Guest lectures. 
4. Entrepreneur development Program. 
5. Social activities.

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Head Of Department Moodle Coordinator T & P Coordinator
Mr. S. L. Chavan
Mrs. S. Y. Tamboli
Mr. Kushal Lodha
EDC Coordinator Admission Coordinator
Mr. Vishal Vashikar
Mrs. M. A. Kanawade

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