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( An Autonomous Institute Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Approved by AICTE, Accredited by NBA (UG Program), Accredited by NAAC With "A"(3.26) Grade)

Extra-Curricular Activities


1. Opportunity to participate in activity of student’s choice.
2. To create awareness on different things going on in society
3. Development on knowledge, ability, attitude and values.
4. To realize our objective in education, i.e. education on spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects.


The aim of education should be to develop an all-rounded student in all aspects. This includes the student’s intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and moral capabilities. There is needed to strike a balance in all these aspects, so as to benefit the students. A student’s social life is as important as their academic life, for their development.
There is so much pressure on students to perform well in their exams and attain high grades. The problem comes in when students have no life outside their classrooms; when all they do and think about is their books. They become zombies whose world revolves around books, with no room for their development as human beings.
Many parents, guardians, and students themselves do not understand the importance of extracurricular activities. Faculty members in many colleges have had to convince some parents and guardians to permit their children to participate in extracurricular activities. This is because the parents feel that those after college activities distract them from their studies, or caused them to get home late. Some students also feel that they do not need the activities; all they need is to concentrate on their books.
There are so many activities that a student can choose from, including sports such as athletics, football, and rugby, scouts, debate, chess or even music. Some students who are interested in more than one activity end up participating in them, as long as they have enough time left for their studies.


1. Exposure to outside world.
2. Exposure to coverage of content beyond syllabus.
3. Improvement in knowledge, ability, attitude and values.
4. Realize our objective in education, i.e. education on spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects.


1. Improved academic performance
2. Better time management skills
3. Learn new and useful skills
4. Sense of responsibility

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sr.No. Title Department
1 Session on Yoga Computer
2 Session on Job Opportunities in Defence Computer
3 Tree Plantation Computer
4 Session on GATE Awareness Computer
5 Session on Need of certification Computer
6 Sankalp- Computer Literacy Club Computer
7 Cancer Awareness Health Check Up Camp Computer
8 Hard Model Competitoin Computer
9 Soft Model Competitoin Computer
10 Seminar on Entrepreneurship Computer
11 Movie Making Competitoin Computer
12 Session on Be Your Own Boss - Be an Entrepreneur Computer
13 Session on Patent Filing Computer
14 Session on Carrier guidance and Skill Development Computer
15 Session on Soft Skill development Computer
16 Workshop on cross platform mobile app development Computer
17 Donation to orphanage Computer
18 Independence Day Celebration Computer
19 GRE Awareness Session Computer
20 SANKALP Computer
21 Donation to Dumb and Deaf students at Bal Kalyan Sanstha Computer
23 Session on Environmental Study Computer
24 NSS Computer
25 Cashless Transaction Awareness Computer
26 Best Out of Waste Computer
27 Cashless Transaction Awareness Computer
28 Expert Session Programming as a professional Computer
29 Expert Session on Disaster Management Computer
30 Awareness session recent trends in industry Computer
31 Session on Environmental Study Computer
32 Parents Meet Computer
33 Innovision 2017 Computer

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